It's February 2024 in my world. And I'm playing around with different Shopify apps, and I'm transparent like that. I also happen to be really good at what I do, and I think when you are good at what you do, you should have no qualms about being it and giving zero F's about what others think you should and shouldn't do. My latest addiction is a landing page builder and the latest landing page I haven't finished up yet: (And yes, I'm aware that what's in bold isn't exactly bold yet, but anyone smart enough that we want on our site will get the gist). 

Also, it's me, so you know I have things I want to rant about (you could say pissed about if you want). Why? Life shouldn't be this boring. And I hate tons of things: Taylor Swift, C.Lo, total pussies, censorship, BLM people, reiki, hippies, Bennifer (both of them) and yeah, redundant but I can't help it. And hey, it's a free country and now that we know know how stupid people really are and we already knew it, what can we really do about ugly people?

On another note, we made some sales on the leave-in hair conditioner + hair perfume so we're stoked about it. (It makes your hair so unbelievably soft and it smells so good you just wanna bone yourself - you have to try it and it's my favorite product to date). What's cool about it is that it does so much for such a lightweight product that it's perfect for travel, and traveling with you. It also got me to thinking: The customers that really know what they want come to me first, maybe unintentionally, but after some back and forth I get really excited about the extras I know I can send that will suit them. This is what's cool about getting to know a person. So if you're a long-term retail mindset person, I don't mind being hit up for those type of inquiries at all. They actually make my day. 

On a totally different note, I'm a control freak in a non-controlling way. It's weird. I have these Avery labels and when I open any type of cosmetics, I take a circle label and write the date I opened it and stick it onto the actual product - anything from eyeshadow, foundation, self-tanner, you name it. So for our readers I wanted to offer up this information about scents (especially ones as layered as ours - you won't want to waste a drop - and if it sounds basic, or eye-roll-y, we apologize in advance - just know it comes from a good place & it's most definitely personal).

1. Take your fragrance out of the bathroom OR use a dehumidifier in your bathroom like I do. 

It’s a popular place to keep bottles, since you can easily access them while getting ready. But the consistent humidity can ruin products, so I have dehumidifiers in each bathroom in my home, and once you see all the water it sucks up from air alone, you'll want one for every small space. 

2. Keep them out of direct sunlight. 

I like to keep my fragrances in mirror shelves - I maximize the vertical spaces in my home that way. If your fragrance sits atop a vanity or dresser, make sure it isn't next to a window or exposed to direct sunlight. You can further protect scents you keep on these countertops by leaving them in their original boxes.Some people even store their signature scent in the fridge. (But if you do this, make sure to leave it in there.)

3. Make sure to cap the bottle after each use. 

Spraying a fragrance allows oxygen into the bottle, which initiates its gradual degeneration. We all forget once in a while, but recapping the bottle will slow down this process.

4. Keep the fragrance in its original bottle. 

I didn't believe it at first, but people actually repour their fragrance into a new bottle to achieve a certain aesthetic. I advise against this. I guess this surprises me because so much of the fun of fragrances is the bottle, the packaging, but I'm an advertising geek and am super into looks. Just know that pouring into a new decanter will expose your juice to a lot of unnecessary air. Our fragrance bottles are designed to prevent excess oxygen.