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    A unisex fragrance centered by traditional vanilla is highlighted by the purest form of jasmine. The mid note in this gem is a combination of two powdery and distinct florals - our heliotrope and the ever-so sought after Blue Rose - making this the ultimate twist on traditional contemporary. It reminds me of the time I was in Rome in the city square to see the World Cup. A can't miss.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: ACHAEAN



    For the ones that don't buy fake reviews and know legit is legit regardless of the exterior, because all good things need a structure, this one's for you because we always go the extra mile. This unisex fragrance - both nostalgic and addictive with subtleties of comfort and goodness due to top notes of nishigandhi, gardenia & muguet are combined with mid notes of nutmeg, clove, and ginger are supported by the top notes of a Cinnamon Camellia and Sweet William blend. Fresh, clean and profoundly sensual, the base notes of Tonka, Almond, Vanilla are dark, subtle and a bit smoky, while the heart of the fragrance is warmed by the spicy notes of Phlox and Pallida. 

    Royal Malady Niche Unisex Fragrance: Adduce


    Take our signature incense with a burnt cedar base in our men's niche scent - make no mistake, it's original and un-replicable  - and add the gourmand chocolate cosmos, then top it off with a fresh tea olive and you have a cologne you don't ever have to second-guess. 

    Royal Malady Niche Cologne: ADJUNCT


    This unorthodox yet subtle men's cologne - think the perfect cashmere shirt for men you can wear everyday - is composed of Copal wood, cherry firewood and topped off with pure green tea essence. Like all our scents, they're perfect alone or paired with our other fragrances. To create these scents and test them so your entire Royal Malady collection can be ones you feel confident customizing and know they were made with that intent isn't an easy feat. This one in particular when paired with MEREDIC makes the perfect unisex blend. 

    Royal Malady Men's Cologne: APOSTIC


    Our most layered designer perfume to-date, this powdery floral Egyptian musk has four notes in the base alone: From a soft white musk to a crisp vanilla and Tonka bean blend makes this feel like you’re running through an enchanted forest.  Three narcotic middle notes - a range of three types of roses, from Damask to Woods give you a sense of the mystical and last but never least, the two notes that top it off - bergamot and a clean, crisp geranium blend that upon touch seem personalized just for you. This ladies number pays homage to a trip to the Dominican Republic I went to as a child, where my sister and I gave all our money to children running around us happy & barefoot. It's like finding your own fountain in the lushest foliage possible.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: APPOSITION



    This light feminine perfume is based on a trip we took to Santorini, and has a dry sweet grass anchor with a unique herbal lilac that makes it feel like the sweet breezes there, and with blackberry at the top, it's truly picturesque. 

    Royal Malady Niche Perfume: APPROPROS



    With orange flower and rosewood as its anchor, this perfume for men that I'm inclined to label as unisex because I tend towards masculine scents, is part of our unisex Incensed At It All collection. You can layer it nicely with the other two fragrances in this three-part set, EPITAPHIC and ACHAEAN or wear it alone. The centermost notes are a standout blend of saffron and pure lilies of the valley. Neroli and English Rose serve as the dark green undertone, to make this redolence one part Twin Peaks and another part Florence as in Italy.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: ATTEST



    This crisp yet clean-cut men's niche fragrance - also part of our Jet-Set Trio -has a sharp bite of white ginger. Rooted with muscari flowers combined with a narcissus & juniper blend and topped off with the purest green tea. It's a different take on a leather-scented cologne - think nappa leather meets Earl Grey Tea. 

    Royal Malady Niche Men's Cologne: BEREFT


    A deep warm moss with mysterious ivy that goes on light when applied so you have a duality between dark and light and when applied this extrait de parfum, with jasmine and a violet undertone, and topped off with Grand Fir that takes inspiration from the afterparties and debauchery we engaged in growing up, an homage of sorts to Mansion on Turtle Creek. This perfume is highly suggested as one that should definitely serve separately as a Hair Satin scent - you couldn't make a scent that's not overpowering, yet truly sensual, unforgettable but mostly it's a quiet type of confidence we gift you with this product. 

    Royal Malady Niche Perfume: BESOUGHT


    Once upon a time, there was a girl who won prom queen twice and she wore a base of cedar-like citrus, layered on top a blend of Egyptian wood for a spicy, fresh effect. The light veil of a top note composed of pure grape essence is what wearing both the crown and sash smells like in this ladies fragrance. *Please note, in regards to our Strand Set, this scent but with a different formulation specifically for hair shine, the name is ALUMNAE.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: BEVIED



    The solstice centerpiece of our unisex Three-Fifths Collection is a heady elixir of Osmanthus - think an acute gin - with mid notes of honey and cherry laurel that give it a nutty almond kick. Add to that an undertone of amber and you have yourself something beyond intoxicating.

    Royal Malady Niche Unisex Fragrance: CREDIT



    Part of our SANCTIONED Trio of Leave-In-Conditioners, formulated to keep your hair super soft, with less notes - and intended so - because the scent stays so long and these hit just right. Not overwhelming but powerful in a know thyself and what you stand for way. And that's both InStyle and outta sight. For this one in particular, we have a black currant and violent blend with a white currant undertone.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: CURANT



    Part of our Three-Fifths Collection, this women's unisex perfume reminds me of warehouse parties in Buckhead, Atlanta and getting lost in the lower East Side in NYC (and yes, the warehouses are a theme, and they were both related to activities you wouldn't want broadcasted to the public, but they're damn good stories to share among friends). It embodies the mental image of mysterious gatekeepers in informal wear and us having a secret code to enter, way past 4am. The gatekeeper speaks without words and expresses himself with this laid-back cool factor and seduction. 

    Alluring like a powdery, vanilla sandalwood sea (a subtle feminine one this is) with an unexpected tangerine twist, while also being sensual and grounding like the earth, this complex, enigmatic scent with jasmine, mimosa, and lilac conjures tranquility. The balsamic notes in this extrait de parfum has a decadence of duality and the perfect intensity when you want to let go. 

    Royal Malady Niche Perfume: DAMASCENE



    Part of our Collegiate Collection, this women's unisex perfume is inspired by bar-hopping in Athens, Georgia. For those that aren't familiar it's the town University of Georgia resides, and the eccentric townies there. It's quite the mix of preppy and eccentric, and this homage you can wear is a soft honey almond tempered with a dry, sharp gin and made dimensional with Michelia Champac. Really subtle, and the perfect scent we'll carry over to our haircare products after getting feedback from salon owners. 

    Royal Malady Niche Unisex Perfume: DECIMAL


    A deep men's cologne with base notes of birch tar, mid notes of a lily, lilac and rosewood fusion with a Muguet and neroli citrus aroma blend, this acoustic scent reminds me of The MITSUI Hotel in Kyoto where they gave you the option to sleep on their tatami mats or on their Hastens mattresses. I chose to try both, and this fragrance serves as a commemoration.

    Royal Malady Niche Cologne: DICTUM


    Refer to CURANT above to discover what our entire Trio is all about. This fragrance in particular is a Four Seasons sanctioned lemon verbena, for an Autograph hotel type of gal due to its luxuriant acacia honey and centuries in the making french almond. 

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: DIORAMIC


    Reminiscent of a soft suede leather made buttery with mid notes of peonies and geranium, and top notes of dew-like florals, the base of leather makes it a classic fragrance for women who like to see hard work pay off and stay independent.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: DIVIDENT



    The perfect scent to evoke kicking back on your leather sofa while smoking an exotic cigar that’s both warm and spicy. In this masculine fragrance, the base is a blend of orange neroli and Oud tobacco with mid notes of patchouli and Cedarwood topped off with light vetiver that makes it one of a kind.

    Royal Malady Men's Cologne: DYSCENTRIC



    With a base that's rich with creamy floral type coconut and a balsam note to round it out, along with a pearl-size rose touch topped off with an elegant exotic fruit blend of earl grey tea & raspberry, this is for the women who know that they want, and it gives them the confidence to go after said goal.  

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: ELOCUTE


    This hair perfume/hair gloss hybrid, what I'd tell my friends on the fly as 'baby powder meets violet musk' to describe it, is otherwise known as FORMULAIC to professionals. It is made in mind for women with coarse hair, and riveted with iris and musk rose for the base. Casa blanca lilies and the ceremonial white orchid bring it together in the middle and the rare night Cereus completes this queen of the night. What inspired it was a girl asking me what I was wearing on an airplane on my way to Big Sky, and the feeling I got by telling her how I layered it to make it work, and the happiness it gave me to share my beauty secrets with her. This number next levels it, because I compete with myself and my friends know it's a genuine affection. 

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: Elusory


    The very idea of a such a dark Vermont fir with a dab of amber is meant for intrigue. Just so, this perfume draws us in like a treasure that continues to reveal layers of untold riches. It opens to floral notes of jasmine, lilac & orchid, layered within notes of a sweet alyssum vanilla. Gloriously finished with tangerine sage, it takes me back to raves in New Orleans, feeling lost and loving that feeling of being alive, even around throngs of people and having that element of surprise, where you run into someone you haven't seen for awhile or wouldn't expect there, and it just makes your day and you just don't ever forget it. 

    Royal Malady Niche Perfume: ENCLAIR


    This static Juliet rose perfume is for the girls who are hard to get. And to the ones in the know, we could laugh about how the hottest girl in the room is making some guy's life miserable out there. Add a crosscurrent of Katsura and Sky Jacket - rooted with Moss Rose - and you have the most immaculate scent of them all. This is for the women who just get that it takes one to know one. 

    Royal Malady Fine Fragrance: Enimatic


    The base in this unisex fragrance is composed of a combination of a dark cherry Ambrette incense-type of ambrosia with a mid-note blend of narcissus and mandarin. To top it all off is blackcurrant which reminds me of the gardens my jewelry designer aunt and I would walk by on the way to our favorite mall in Taipei, where elegant men in suits and red gloves would take us to any floor we wanted to shop.

    Royal Malady Unisex Fragrance: Epitaphic



    A deep plum currant and cassis base mix in this women's perfume are topped off with a neroli mid-note and an orange flower top note to bring me back to Tokyo, where hospitality was easy to find, and the tatami mats were a luxury where we stayed. It's the anti-red eye.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: FLIPPANT



    This enchantment of a perfume - with a somewhat Gourmand based comprised of Casa Blanca, honey & orris can be every girl's (or us women with childlike wonder) forest fantasy where bejeweled creatures and treasures surprise and delight at every turn. Intricate in design by the Founder of Rock Candy Media and Owner of Royal Malady, the intent is for you to love all the charming details, and we're not down with doing anything sly. We do the up and up. The fragrance is enveloped in hyacinth, Anthemis Cotula, crimson lavender & cider and is topped off on a sweet note with Annona Glabra. 

    Royal Malady Niche Perfume: Flummox


    Make no qualms about it, our signature scent with patchouli enfolded into cashmere wood, a touch of Turkish coffee, and oceanic white ginger, makes this unisex cologne one worth repeating. 

    Royal Malady Signature Fragrance: Format



    The refined crisp and clean men's cologne - vibe dressy casual & somewhat nautical with an eccentric cardigan you can put on over it - is rooted in a sweet birch & cassia blend with blue violet to top it, making this an austere and luxurious scent for evenings on the town, whether with a special someone or alone and looking for trouble. Us trouble-makers that they say are up to no good are mistaken, and they have it all wrong so this is the perfect course-corrector.

    Royal Malady Niche Cologne: Garrotte


    An Ojai-like unisex fragrance secured by a deep firewood and Blackwood base blend, and an all-time fave of mine, violet, to center it all and a hint of blackberry. This scent is unique in that the mid note acts as the base in terms of ratio. A cannot miss.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: GILD



    This unisex masculine fragrance based in Cedrene is both aquatic and refreshing, very much like a cleansing walk in the rain, offering a clean slate in life due to it's Fenugreek, angelica root and verbena blend. This soothing hard to define, slate-like yet warm cologne's soothing scent combination makes this more than what others call a floral symphony - it giveths the capability to wrap your mind in a trance of dreams.

    Royal Malady Unisex Cologne: Helm


    Take a base of vanilla spice, add to that marine, citrus and amber to round out this men's fragrance, then add a fourth tier of African Violet, and the fifth and final note: a dry rose and you get what I call 'The Bad Boy Gone Good' in a bottle. Definitely one to wear on a first date if she's a girl with potential. 

    Royal Malady Cologne: Hexameter


    An unshakable base of vetiver with undertones of Oud and tobacco, mid notes of tuberose and fig, along with a top note of balsamic wood makes this sensual, subtle and deep perfume for women a standout. It reminds me of the colorful windmills in Holland and how the composition smelled in the hotel lobby.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: HINTER



    Four layers of greenery from moss to ivy on top of bergamot musk, along with an unexpected & undeniable masculine top note of black licorice makes you feel like you just bought every meter of the building your penthouse apartment is in, and now you’re on the roof as the owner of the entire building with your name on it, looking down at it all.

    Royal Malady Fine Fragrance: Iambic



    With brown sugar serving as the base, Folgate x Gross lavender notes on top, and Royal x Heirloom sweet pea to top it off, this scent for our Hair Sendal Light just makes sense for those days where you just know that subtle is going to take your further than any looks that scream loud. It's an inner confidence thing that isn't worth explaining to people who don't take risks of any sort nor ventured to try anything on their own, hence aren't worthy explaining vanities of the heart to.

    Royal Malady's Hair Sendal Light FORMAT:SPRAY in IMPERI



    A part of our much-talked about SANCTIONED - and overheard by committed gossipers at high-end luxury salons - this hair perfume out rules users of Moroccan in every way, and you'd have to try it to find out. Ingrained with cedarwood and a tinge of Juniper, you have the connotation of them all with a connotation of the cleanest type of Redolance. 

    Royal Malady Niche Perfume: INDOLEX


    A woodsy floral with a hint of feminine cologne and a musky edge, Inquest pays homage to my childhood in Taiwan and the moments I looked into the ocean with my grandmother by my side thinking to myself, “I am going to make something for myself and I know I can.” It was and now remains a beautiful olfactory type memory with two nautical notes serving as the anchor, a middle layer comprised of Bulgarian rose and a pure creamy white floral, and a rare type of grapefruit as the top note. 

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: INQUEST



    Our metallic oceanic unisex fragrance does a number on the ones you want to impress. Rooted in sea salt neroli, combined with tuberose and then layered  with Lady Emma Hamilton - those in the know will get the gist - and finally the showstopper of a bergamot & saffron blend. Part of our Collegiate Collection, it makes me reminisce about visiting my friends at NYU, and learning about photography there. 

    Royal Malady Niche Unisex Fragrance: MARGIN


    A dry scent is very different than what is typically thought of as a typical singular perfume note. The base of this select fragrance is a dry vanilla and dry musk mix and the effect is a must-try. With a resin bronze mid-note and a bright floral to top it off, it’s a definite bronze age meets gilded age combination that can’t be duplicated.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: MEGALITH



    This feminine addition to our collection of unforgettable fragrances is inspired by Bali, and more specifically how the woods used at the St. Regis smelled. We pulled the exotic rain tree and tamarind to create this fragrance, an infusion of rosewood to give it our signature incense that gives it the Royal Malady touch, and dusted it with a baby powder finish to make it truly one of a kind. 

    Royal Malady Luxury Perfume: Meredic


    We flip the script on myopic by making it serve double duty as it infuses your hair with gloss, primer, and the most subtle neroli, as if Cleopatra herself dusted it on you beforehand. Part of our Hair Satin Set, it's topped off with jasmine so you can skip the dab behind your ears. The perfect third date fragrance for women because whether it's to seal the deal or to break up, he'll never truly get over you.

    Royal Malady Niche Perfume: MYOPIC



    This particular parfum - comprised of six notes - is based off a character who formed her own type of currency, and was the heroine in bedtime stories I'd tell my daughter at night when she was younger. The best type of heirloom, with two base notes - a blend of Chypre and tobacco - mid notes of neroli and almond, and topped off with a cologne-based fig makes this a scent of mystery.

    Royal Malady Parfum: Nahohi



    Mossy overtones over a Palo Santo combined with Dulce de Leche cohere with a deep honey verbena at the median and a subtle ivy at the crest. The sovereign that makes this unique and dark unisex retake is an ombre mainstay of leather and thundercloud flowering plum. This uppermost imparts Argentina, staying in the center of the city with bakeries on each corner, and walking the entire city collecting an assortment of stationery, postcards and LePens, my favorite type of fine ink pens to collect.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: NAYSAY



    This one's on the female side of unisex. All of our fine fragrances are intense but never overbearing. The kind you spray on the back of your neck once and only the people you want to remember you do, but it definitely stays in all the right ways. An earthy base, a dab of a clean crisp floral and warmed up again with a zesty green tea on top. The light side of earthy some say. It smells like entering Big Sur's Post Ranch Inn.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: NEOPREP



    This mens fragrance is the perfect complement to our top-ranking companion ELUSORY in our FORMULAIC collection because it has the same powdery base done in a masculine way. Blue Lotus and an infusion of white ginger make it taut, Gorse flower and Miami Rose cinch it with an overall coconut finish and intoxicating Alyssum redefines any kind of lower English Fields. 

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: Obtruse


    A deep leather plum-based cologne moored with a dark mauve lilac mid-note and a distinct suede-like pink pepper & Blackwood top note makes this unisex/masculine fragrance hard to resist. In the IRED BY IT ALL collection, you can assume we always use our signature primer - but in OFFCOURSE, the additional velvety enhancer's radiating effect can only be experienced to be described without presumption. It reminds me of a trip to San Miguel when we went horseback riding and there wasn't a fence in sight.

    Royal Malady Cologne: OFFCOURSE



    This cologne brings me straight back to the days where my friends and I would meet up once a year at The Purple Palm Restaurant and Bar at the Colony Palms Hotel, and the scent of the woods there. This robust, enchanting oud, fig, sandalwood and bourbon twist all finishes out smooth and it's such a cohesive presentation for a fragrance composed of such unique notes. It's like they were made for each other, they round out so well. 

    Royal Malady Niche Cologne: POSTLUDE


    Imagine sitting in solitude, under a cruel star, indigo-blue night skies above. Our perfume strikes swiftly as the softness transforms into unmatched inner strength. Opening notes of lemon verbena soar willfully while rich and energizing Piper Sanctum notes co-mingle with the spicy seduction of the Juliet Rose, and a soft whiskey bourbon. The flawless harmony of power and tenderness astonish the senses, awakening the knowledge of our collective divine potential.  

    Royal Malady Niche Perfume: Prefect


    The moon plays a leading role in conducting the rhythm of life in our men's cologne, and the ethereal appearance hails the beginning and no endings of any festivity. It is no allusion, but an adoringly grandiose term for one’s beloved that speaks of beauty and eternal devotion it certainly is. Exuding a warm, opulent quality, Cleveland sage, California Laurel and soft musk meet a surprising abundance of plumeria & Lilliputian conifer. In subtle evocation of terpenic enjoyed across the region, the fusion of balsam & Fraser fir notes adds richness and depth.

    Royal Malady Niche Cologne: Purport


    This male yet unisex constant starts off with Costus for a smokey earth tone, layered with juniper for the base. Powdery at the same time with honeysuckle combined with pink pepper. The top layers, from bergamot to tuberose and vanilla woods with masculine saffron are the most complex in this go-to. Immediately I'm reminded of how good the private dining rooms smelled in the French Asian Fusion restaurant my great aunt owns in downtown Houston and takes painstakingly care of.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: Ratify


    Our lightest scent of them all, for the ladies, leaves you refreshed even in the most humid of all NYC days. It repels away the bad vibes with a two-toned base consisting of an amber naval blend, another two-toned exotic floral Lily of the Valley middle layer that's surprisingly light in it's artistic mix. Gives you that  refined sophistry and pastoral to keep your cool in the middle of a crowd, while the top note of our modern altar cologne makes this the crisp inner lining of your favorite jacket. 

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: RECTIFY


    A soft feminine perfume, yet with our signature warm is why this scent starts with a sweet mauve rattan, with lilac and a subtle brown sugar to remind me of visiting my sister in her spacey Chelsea loft, strolling about and hitting up my favorite walk-ins like Kidrobot.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: RECUR



    Our perfume reminds me of the fancy kind of hostel hopping in Bali. With a base in gunsmoke, center notes of whiskey and bourbon, you'd think this one would be a cologne. However, the top notes of green tea and orange mandarin throws you off and makes this a feminine fragrance that stays in all the right ways. 

    Royal Malady Perfume: Requit


    Two heady base notes - a rich jasmine mixed with an heirloom tea rose - ground this sensual number, and gives what's been called in-house "The Best Perfume for Women". A deep rose that lingers, and the pure rose mid note layer we expertly craft and blend with the elegant and all-mighty santalum. The way we mix it up adds the perfect lush sandalwood finish and dimension. Perfect for the eccentricities that lie within us all. Makes the perfect gift, the kind that's so good you'd buy one for yourself & one to give.

    Royal Malady Niche Perfume: ROZED



    Take mahogany, and birch wood for a burgundy base, a deep undertone of orchid, and top notes of teak and you have our most masculine soulful realm of a fragrance. From the lodge in Bali stayed-in to the temples we ran in and out of, to the burgundy wood that surrounded us, this opulent scent conjures it all.

    Royal Malady Niche Fragrance: SAITE



    A unisex marine cotton fragrance, with Indonesian clove and dianthus, and an iris and cassia composition reminds me of the Hotel TwentySeven in Amsterdam, the bars in Leidseplein and wondering about Rijksmuseum. You can also find this niche cologne in our Jet-Set Trio, just in a different format made specifically for textiles.

    Royal Malady Niche Unisex Fragrance: SCION


    The classic men's fragrance made rich with a cologne-like white musk as the base, and one woodsy mid-note combined to give it a rich blue-blood finish that if left on garments, girlfriends may steal it. Consider yourself warned. 

    Royal Malady Men's Cologne: SUPERSECT



    Both standalone and also part of our men's Textile Care Trio, this men's cologne has three types of cedar wood, Brazilian rosewood and pure essence from the absolute Champaca flower. Equidistant in this men's cologne is a black tea note which fastens it. The summit of it all is a combination of lotus and Aloeswood, and is heavenly under the Michelia tree. Tuberose and Nag Champa commemorate it all, and is a recollection of hiking in remote parts of Ecuador.

    Royal Malady Cologne: SYNTAX


    Our fragrance for women is a light gourmand with a base of madeleine, giving it a sweet, cakey, buttery smelling blend from Givaudan while capturing the comforting and delicate delight of a fresh baked French Madeleine. For the middle notes, we have orchid and lemon verbena, and on top a dash of black tea to make this a truly original perfume. It's for the girl who gets the law of attraction, and love at first sight. It makes me feel like I'm lost in Brooklyn anytime I'm wearing it. 

    Royal Malady Acquire: Tactic


    This men's balsamic floral - don't judge it by those two words, as this one will surprise you - cologne is rooted in a powdery sandalwood, layered with an amber-like musk combined with the sweetest of sweet freshly cut grass. Topped off with Anise for a gasoline-like edge, this number goes on strong but immediately turns subtle and it's for the guys who aren't shy to say how they're really feeling, and have the want to understand, and just let you be you. 

    Royal Malady Studious: The Signature 49


    Our unisex sage-based fragrance - part of our up & coming Three-Fifths Collection - is layered with the Tiare floral, has an undertone of the renowned intermediary lilac and orchid combination that gives it the Midas Touch our Founder is known for, and the top note of white floral and sea salt give it a resounding oceanic effect. 

    Royal Malady Unisex Fragrance: THESIS


    Part of the IRED BY IT ALL collection, this perfume's base is a combination of a hint of a deep cherry musk and my personal favorite scent almond. Mid notes of caramel coffee and Egyptian mandarin leaves take me right back to Hong Kong, strolling around the city and watching in wonderment as residents walked their birds in the morning.

    Royal Malady Niche Perfume: TRAIPSED


    A definite favorite of mine because one note in the base is a dedication to my daughter, aka 'The Bean'. This one has two base notes that are vanilla gourmand and floral, three middle notes of an ocean-like powder, with two fresh top notes of pear & grapefruit, and an additional hint of cologne to make this both fresh, fine, and grounded. It reminds me of the time I skipped out of the Louvre and went sailing instead.

    Royal Malady Fine Fragrance: UNNERVED



    This scent is part sage and part cream-like clove for the base. Add to that mid notes of jasmine and it takes me to the island of Ixtapa, with uncrowded beaches and secret gardens galore. Part of the IRED BY IT ALL trio.

    Royal Malady Fine Fragrance: VEERED



    This stateside deep vetiver men's cologne - part of our Collegiate Collection- is so good I consider it unisex, has a fortified base of pine and mid notes of exotic balsam wood and neroli. That topped off with honey fig, fir and a Treemoss blend that brings me back to how it smelled snowboarding down the mountains in Breckenridge.

    Royal Malady's Exclusive Fragrance: VESTED



    It's a straight-up unisex fragrance when you take the cap off, but once you rub it on, you'll see it leans feminine and was one of the ones that was the most fun to make, because I added the one note that I didn't think would work, and that was a base note of pelargonium and bourbon for a cannabis base, and the white phlux flowers blended with a pure aloe vera make for a rich middle layer but the celestial part is the Eastern Red Cedar layer on top. I've learned in life that when you have that nagging feeling inside that you should try it or that bother will stay, you should probably try it and this scent truly defied my highest expectations, and that says a lot. So much so that I sourced new bottles just for the occasion, and I'm carrying this subtle, defiantly naughty forest bath in a bottle and carrying it over into hair perfume, Hair Satin & Leave-In Conditioner. 

    Royal Malady Niche Perfume: VOCIFER


    A deep incense-type honey fragrance for women, with a base of tonka and balsam, mid notes of dark cherry and a light splash of pomegranate to top it off - this scent dabbed behind the ears reminds me of one of my favorite east side haunts in Austin, Shangri-La, with a patio full of large rocks where we could laugh at it all without authority.

    Royal Malady Perfume: ZIONIST