This month I'm excited to be collaborating with a photographer I've admired very much - both his sensibilities, his world travels which give him a sense of humor I find hard to define, and his ability to summarize something sad or something beautiful in so little words, and yet manages to own the spaces he's photographing like it's a story. Super cinematic. 

Our top sellers this month have been unisex fragrances ACHAEAN, DAMASCENE, our signature unisex cologne FORMAT, and what our customers call their beloved ROZED, Our Hand Sendal in DICTUM, and our Hair Satin in ROZED which can be made in any of the three formulations you'll see when you click on the link or explore our shop. APOSTIC, is another fragrance our customers like to use as a Hand Sendal and as a cologne.

I look forward to introducing our next fragrance in the coming month, and to all the ones that support you no matter what, and to all the ones that are there for you no matter what, and to all the ones who keep you in check, I want to say that you know who you are, and I want you to know you are appreciated. 

Anyone who is interested in collaborations - any type of art I can vibe a sensibility that I can pair with my fragrances, feel free to hit me up at Anyone who can see a collaboration bigger than that, I'm all ears. No promises, but I'll definitely consider it if I feel there is an aesthetic or intellectual fit. Anyone interested in purchasing but is hesitant for whatever reason and wants samples and is willing to leave a review (I want the real deal as it helps me improve and I really do care what my customers think), hit me up and I'll consider it if you're truly interested in purchasing the product. A lot of our consumers just love fragrance in general and they also know how type-A I am about things I put out under my name, so that trust is there. For new customers we've had some just take the leap of faith, get so stoked with other fragrances they got with their purchase that when they gave me feedback I gave them a code they could use to buy that second fragrance. I understand that fragrance is very much an experience to anyone who isn't an impulse shopper, but truly interested ones I may consider sending samples for review, so feel free to hit me up for that too, but only if you're truly interested in buying them if you love them, and I invite all fragrance collectors and addicts (like me) to hit me up as well because if you're no novice you'll give me the feedback on reviews that I want. 2023 was rough: I worry a lot about those I love during these trying times where I just want my friends & family to be safe, and my RM family. I'm trying to find the right kind of inspiration as I'm my own harshest critic (which may explain the 3 focus groups I have for any scent before it ever gets the possibility of being introduced in our shop).