Three focus groups later, I'm happy to say we've knocked out some top-tier (only the best for Royal Malady customers) products for Spring: Three men's colognes: Hexameter, Postlude and The Signature 49; A women's fragrance Requit, A new Firming Body Satin Oil (what beauty dreams are made of) Necessity, and last but never least our Hair Lustre (for those days after the best blowouts which you want to hold onto but need something for those dry ends). Also, we have a new duo of Foam Bath out that's clean, unisex & just uber-cool. With both coconut oil & hempseed oil, you'll come out feeling like a champ. Last but not least, we have a new duo of Cleansing Conditioners out that have my favorite scents in them. I'd wear both Composition 1 and Composition 2 over and over and in every format possible. Also, ROOM I is out, and I can't stop spraying every space I go with it, it's that good. The ATMOS Collection of Linen Sprays, our layering set The Circa Collection, our new fragranced Blow-Dry Mists and our fragrance duo Coordinate also make their debuts, and we want you to enjoy. 

Spring is a good time to switch out the heavier fragrances with something lighter so we thought this quick guide might help our customers who get my whole 'lunch is the new vacation' lifestyle. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean letting your favorite skin scent start collecting dust, but deliberately wearing different scents based on the seasonal occasion: reserving that heavier scent for an afterparty or nightclub, and incorporating our new opulent upgrades for daily use & travel. Since all our fragrances are meant to layer, have fun experimenting with this one. 

I recommend four scents for Spring (and you know me, I'll be editing, adding, and subtracting from this blog LIVE unlike the lifeless brands that claim to know things about human behavior and such. (I know, I digress). 

Flummox I'd wear on a girl's day or girl's night out - it has this 'you're surrounded by good people' vibe and believe me, it's not easy to bottle emotions like that. 

Purport is the perfect one for studying, anytime you need that extra perk - days at the library and such. 

Appropros is super sexy, one I'd wear behind the ears on the days I'd want/need that confidence boost - say on a day you have to pitch an entire C-Suite.

Helm isn't what most people would consider 'Spring' but then again we aren't most people. It's a dark fragrance, best for night drives and contemplating, or on those nights when you just want to wonder as you wander. 

Last but not least, our Soft Styling Foam in Composition 4 is out now as well, along with our light gourmand perfume TACTIC. Our mens cologne DURANT and Composition 5 are in stock, and for the prince & princesses that know they are, THE Royal Malady Treatment is here, finally.