What is this, Jewel's Pieces Of Me? Yeah, I'm aware that you're saying 'Feed Me' while in truth you're such a coward you can't even control your woman's pursestrings or ask her anything as a matter of fact. And IN PLAIN SIGHT too. You know that makes you a total pussy right? You can't even ask her for permission to use her card to pay us back because while you were pretending this entire time to be alive you mixed up my 'I can't live in a world where I can't keep it real' by pretending you know me. And as of late (and since I know you'll need proof of a pulse it's 3/8/23) I've been wondering if you deserve my stories (because I can't front and that makes my luxury niche perfume brand better, and yeah you heard that right but you'll find any excuse in the book to pretend like you don't, and WE KNOW IT) about the morning walks I took with my grandmother every morning to the market where no one breakfast and no one day was the same, as we bought what we needed for the day and that QT is something I should be able to feel free to share but not when you just keep looking without contributing ANYTHING. And by ANYTHING I mean NOT EVEN ONE WHIMPER. And then stories about me and my product designer cousin throwing ice at ugly people from the penthouse in Taiwan my aunt lived in. And the most uncool thing? We have to see you pretend to be one of us tomorrow. And because you - one time - and I know exactly who you are, right clicked on me, whom I love, and tried to pretend like you could control me of all people - let me tell you something about me: I don't forget that kind of shit. Another thing: I don't believe in karma. If you wish something bad on your worst enemy it's bound to happen, and me having to placate you even once is something I regret. XOXO Annie.