Hey, it's me, Annie. What's new? I have had like a gazillion stalkers, because who wouldn't? But you want to know what's not cool? No one really deserves to be free or deserved to live The American Dream. Piggybacking off of me like I'm some kind of cheap thing, when I risked it all AND WE KNOW IT. And someone called me a sadist, and now that doesn't even hurt. But where's Imaginary Authors, LeLabo or Byredo? I know! They're ignoring you. And whoever said Ignorance is Bliss just might've been right, but that saying is mofo stupid too. I know another thing now: Left to their own devices, people can't imagine anything on their own. And if that isn't confounding tell me what is? Our fragrances are the original olfactory reminders of home and Rafael Nadal needs to go too, because who the fuck are you gonna respect after This? Yeah, calling you out like a casting call. Because I'm never gonna not be me, but being me and being forever changed and knowing the burden of proof is on the peasants and we can't stop seeing their faces or losing them altogether? INCENSED AT IT ALL.