Many people want to know why I chose to create fragrances. I'm a storyteller at heart (real life ones) and the way I keep those memories is through scent. The brands I admire, from perfume houses like Diptyque to Byredo and ones from Maison Francis Kurkdjian, I'd always have the assurance that the next scents they dropped would be fabulous in their own right. I don't see them as competitors, but I know what I like and I compete with myself due to the fact that I'm a beauty product hoarder.

With my own niche lifestyle beauty line, I wanted to make sure I stayed true to myself: Each scent and every product is an aphrodisiac and totally hypnotic, from luxury haircarebodycare, postshave and soon to come: beard oil. You can use it in your bath & skip the moisturizer, it's that good. We have you covered from head to toe in ways no other beauty brand ever will pretty much. Every product I make has to be one I'd wear myself & I just knew I had to make them different and build upon the innate ethos of mine that brand memorability is immensely tied to reputation. Most niche fragrance lines don't have the number of scents that we do, especially when you take into account the time we've been around.  

It's hard to explain that innate sense of knowing you'd 'make it' when you're a child. That childlike wonder doesn't take into consideration time, and that's what makes it so special. Turns out, I took what I knew by respecting the craft as a whole, and to the brands I collect myself. I don't see myself as an 'other' in the field. I do however know that because I loved everything about scent - down to knowing how it plays out in retail and makes people buy more (because they stay longer in physical locations (but that's another story altogether) - I also knew how I could make my brand different. Improving upon what you know is a form of homage.