Look, we’d say it’s our #1 goal to be the most unique line of small batch perfumery in the world, but that’s just not true, and we wouldn't lie to you. There’s enough pollution to go around in 2022 that we don’t need to add to it with chatter.

But the reason that that’s not the goal is because we already know it’s ingrained. You can’t strive for what you inherently already are. And we know we’re the most unique luxury perfumes you’ll find because we’re creating them completely outside the existing industry.

ROYAL MALADY didn’t see a market-gap-moneymaker, research competitors, and then see how we could emulate them. We were built by a small team led by a woman named Annie Liao Jones who already has a few other businesses under her belt (completely unrelated to fine fragrances). We know we’ll be the most unique fragrances you can find because we’re not competing with anybody - we’re just existing out of passion and following our own instincts. Not market research, not focus groups, not data.

Some might call that kind of dumb - but we thrive on the insults of loud commentators. While they spend energy commenting on us, we’ll focus on creating things we like, concoctions we’ve never seen before, and figuring out new ways to bring our followers on new journeys and new realities.

We’re not sure what people we used to look up to are currently cooking up. But we do know that our kitchen last night smelled like an Italian dinner from childhood, and we wonder if there are some non-traditional essences to play with to make us feel cozy at home without being weighed down with too-strong food-related scents. What's helping me out right now, is wearing the DIVIDENT part of our Strand Set when I'm doing menial chores, because at least my hair has an unprecedented scent coupled with unprecedented care.

We’ve no idea what top-tier beauty blogs and the beauty companies they started due to them are working on. But we do know that, outside right now, it’s hot and smells like honeysuckle. We wonder if one of our folio classes is airy-honeysuckle enough to transport people into memories of their past summer days, or that Mediterranean coast getaway they never got to take. If it isn’t, well then there’s our next project. With our upcoming diffusers, Gild, to be specific, you can welcome enchanting aromas into your home with our artisanal firewood note, that complements any home decor. I'd choose a modern Kevin Studio aesthetic to be exact. 

We don’t know what our competitors are doing, and to put it bluntly, we don’t quite care. We’ll just keep creating, and we hope those of you that want to explore will find some interest in us, too.

For the anti-competitive, solo-living, carefully-crafted style and wildly-inventive fragrance explorer: Shop New Royal Malady now. INCENSED AT IT ALL and THE STRAND SET are available right now. As our second venture into retail, we’re perfectionists and the fear of failure is real. Which is why we’re worth the wait. Check it out and we appreciate you.