Lately, I've been asking myself why we have to make things so hard for ourselves, when it seems like it should be easy. And then I remember that when I said "I will always remember' and I meant it. We have two new projects in the works, Bag The Format - a B2B extension of Royal Malady but open to independent brands who want exposure of the right kind, and know who the audience they want to reach, and through mutual collaboration and respect, know the audience they might not know about yet, but would consider it.

Then since I've tested every vendor in the entire world, and culled out the good from the bad, I'm working on a project called Revisionist The Rolodex, where the people on the right side of history are invited to join, when they are ready. It might take some time for you, and that I'll always understand. But feel free to hit me up at if you want to be included, because I can't not consider a world without the ones in the know and stood by me as we get through 'This.' And if it changes to a yahoo email address I'll publicly let you know. Because I just can't not be me. #fortherecord & #therightsideofhistory and to take our RCM Book of F-ckery and mix it up, shame on YOU. Because it was about this huge thing called LIVIN and having the space to be ourselves and when I said 'Ambition won't quit me' openly to the world - like I do everything - I meant it in a way that the others may never get. But knowing that your motivator may be different now, and call it hate, call it misery but wanting to show these mofos against joy up...don't mix that up with what I know I'm damn good at and always knew as a kid growing up what I wanted to do because I dreamed of so many open ended possibilities and if my name's on it you just better. Need I say more? Don't ever mess with my friends, family or my crew or the ones who stood by me through this, trying to find out 'what is legit?' and culling out the people who can't stand keen observational people. Because guess what? When I said 'I'm not changing for anyone' I like, mean it, and mean everything I say, and do everything I say, and tried harder at keeping the torch lit because it just felt like the right thing to do. And I don't want to say goodbye to the ones that got Stand By Me in less than a second flat, but I get respect, so when you're ready, it's cool. I'm working on tagline names for both ventures. 

Also, to all the people who I said 'Am I offended on your behalf? You better bet you I am' at the beginning of 'This' - excluding my friends that worked and work at RCM - shoulda paid up. AND WE KNOW IT.