Hey there,

Lately I’ve been searching for inspiration. As a creative, I need it to create. As you know all my memories are scent-based, and they’re hard to describe as each signature fragrance is composed of at the least three layers and some up to seven, and on top of that they have to be more than perfect alone and they have to layer with any of our other scents more than well. I’m an avid reader (and it sucks for my wallet because I speed-read and retain it but I’m weird like that) so I thought maybe some scents paired to the types of people might be useful. It’s funny, me and my daughter have this game we play at the airport when there’s a delay - we observe the people walking by and we guess what their occupation is, and sometimes my girl is so curious she’ll just run up to them and ask them and I have to admit she usually nails it.

I’ll start with a few and edit this blog as I do everything live and am sure you’re used to that by now.

Designer fragrances like INQUEST and APPOSITION are very much for the ones who read and breathe magazines, especially editorials. My personal faves are the ‘A Day In The Life Of’ ones in Bazaar Magazine. Also the people who have the huge book-like Restoration Hardware catalog and the Neiman Marcus book in their bathrooms, in a leather-type magazine holder rack. I’m not googling this so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but if you get the gist that’s my intent.

Our niche colognes RATIFY and ADJUNCT have that special 'something off' that we see on guys who'd shop at COS, and wear anything from AllBirds to Persol glasses. They're probably stamp collectors and read NYLON magazine. They're the type of guys that easily acknowledge that a good throw pillow is damn hard to find. 

Luxury fragrances like ATTEST, APPOSITION and RECTIFY are ones that can read music, or like to read about the artists and composers themselves (so memoirs in a way), or ones that visit blogs like Apartment Therapy or collect travel photo books (a favorite one of mine is a Tokyo one and it just shows people in their places with a blurb about what they do). 

The newly launched niche fragrance for ladies MERIDIC and men’s cologne APOSTIC (one my girl called a good cologne to get a boyfriend) I can imagine readers of Forbes, Esquire and business publications, and ones that prefer classic timepieces wearing. They probably have Architectural Digest subscriptions as well. 

THESIS and MEGALITH are housed in collections but are fragrances all on their own as well. The women who wear these are likely to have Acacia or stained concrete flooring, use Farrow & Ball paint to decorate, wear Cartier tank watches and want their one good thing to be really good so they shop at online stores like Everlane and Catbird NYC. 

Our signature scents TRAIPSED and SYNTAX are worn by the types who shop MoMA online and can go from a Baby G to a Cartier all in the same day and then hit up their local CB2. The artisans & curators that use our niche fragrances in our luxury beauty discovery collections don't hesitate to buy Marvis toothpaste collections - personally, our Founder will tell you she gets them at Nordstrom and hits up NARS after visiting the handbag department to ask the girl she knows the name of and always hooks her up because she's loyal - aren't shy to tell the world which ones are their favorites. They don't hesitate to tell all their friends when there's a sale at Barney's, and we can visualize them wearing Theory as their base layer. 

Stay tuned as I value our customers and am known to anticipate any question they have before they arise. 


Annie Liao Jones