It sucks. Living in a world of takers and fake, and I don't do fake in any way. Not fake reviews, and all of us that get performance-based, well we get just get it. Haven't you noticed that I just answer things right away without hesitation? Maybe you won't EVER. But to lie straight up to my face in such an obvious way...ain't not words for fake of that kind. Right now, I'm waiting for certain plug-ins to work, and certain deals I've done old-school handshakes on. But when you had such a lust for life, and you know what you love and what you don't, and currently can't listen to your heart but you just know that passive aggression is the #1 form of aggression and you just know that DO NO HARM should have been what grown-ups should have been calling out all along...well corrupted of soul and what I do are two totally different things, and for good reason. When you have all these bad feelings it only makes sense to want to make things so good to counteract all that and I want comeuppance to show up all these mofos against all of us that had such an innate zest for life, and told it like it was to people straight up and with no filter, and the thought of giving all these dumbasses and education for free makes me f-cking ill. And there's gotta be some justice for the ones we know are really gifted, and you just know that right away don't you?

If it helps anyone, right away I said 'This is going to be the hardest thing I am ever going to have to do' and then I said 'Do we want a heaven for the ones who loved life or a hell for the ones who never had to the balls to back us up once, like EVER, at all whatsover? And then to not even question anything, and you get that I posted stuff as a lookout thing and it wasn't literal right? No one gets someone that has to rant to live, but now I think you might use my likeness now that I know you won't ever say anything for your own goddamn self. And that's so gross to me that yeah, I made things intuitively, taught myself in 2020 what I told the world I would because I have something to prove to myself, but now I want to do it even more because we found each other and it should have been a beautiful thing. And if that's all I know, that's not it, because I don't do goodbyes, and I don't wanna. But you tell us something we don't know for once and TRY FOR GODDAMN ONCE NOW THAT WE KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE.

How hard is it to say (just for once) that you're sorry for everyone you harmed? Ain't nothing for hypocrisy on this level so far.

Here's what's up: People are really into the censorship of reality, and that's messed up. There was an era of hidden violence no one knows about, then friends, neighbors and rioters, and I wonder if on The Loop, if downtown can strike back, but not in the way the others assume.

Where I'm at: Divided we stand & the color line at midcentury, because when I said Epilogue very few heard me and I don't like to be misrepresented. 

What's new? 

In the glamorous world of fragrances, Royal Malady's GILD and our very latest niche perfume, Damascene, for the wayward and the aware, stand out with their refined allure. The Royal Malady Coffret as a whole - and note the 'The' in front of 'Royal' - in particular, offers an enticing blend that tells a tale through my eyes, and it's always going to be one of observation and it will always be about love. The perfect occasions to wear Gild would be in exotic cities like Monte Carlo, under the city’s twinkling lights. Damascene is a whole other story with an urban setting, and I'll always remember meeting producers who changed my life on accident at intersections in a mystical way I can't describe but we were alone and it was always after 4am and when I said NIN and when I said Athens and do I have to go there or can you just get it? Because I do want to believe that even though we might be alone, you may find that one person who can change the entire way you view life and/or the one person who could change the direction of your entire life and without that, what is there I ask? 

Because I feel used. I told everyone my intent, I posted stuff on Insta as a lookout, I am blunt if that's what you want to call it in terms of honesty but I can't stand it when NO ONE IS STRAIGHT BUT EVERYONE IS PHOBIC and I'm just so not cool with the masses being so silent on this and me having to call it out for everyone and only a handful of people have balls in this world and only a few people in this world have reciprocity and only a few people in this world have this huge thing called ethics and want to do right by me and my daughter (or do right by their kids if they can see outside of themselves at all?) How confounding when I'm always going to think I can have an open dialogue with someone and change their mind. But you know what? In hindsight it's always been me doing the mind-changing and very few people have done that for me. People don't really want to challenge themselves and that's super weird to me (and that takes away from the weird that I love). How uncool to do to such a cool brand that I founded. 

Another new fragrance: Adduce, a powerful dark and powdery fragrance rounded into a vanilla and almond heart, and that's just to start. Exquisitely wavering between strength and softness, this perfume symbolizes the ability to bring forward to posers & watch each one fall down, so we don't have to deal with the soul jab when make no doubt about it, they should already know what we're about by now. And if they don't, they're not worth it and they're not worthy of us.

Adduce is the contrasted version of what others call a great fragrance, because it's transportive, dynamic and more than urban, and it's for the ones that have a grid in their head, and that's for damn sure.