First off, can I just say that Hand To Mouth Guys Aren't My Type?

This multi-faceted scented leave-in conditioner trio, my baby on the down-low and you know how hard that is for me, but I have a secret: This perfectionist is so Type A she throws a phone at the door when a peasant interrupts when I'm negotiating. This trio has a backstory that I couldn't help but want to shout to the world about after I got the best kind of surprise text running down the stairs, excited to show up my new hi-rise leggings that are just as soft as the product itself. It's a cashmere on the inside type that I didn't have to size up. Back to the the SANCTIONED set - please rest assured we sent three versions off for approval, and per the norm - mind you, that bar is extremely high, with my first one on command asterisked because that's by nature, and sixty-hundred and sixty-six days after our first batch with the first fragrance - our method is a complicated one, completely wrapped up in this thing called dedication because we sent it out sixty-six days after that got in-house approval, and then at 6:06 pm on the 9th day of January - mind you I had just mailed it out three days beforehand and guess what? I got a text that was so dope because I got the 'the girls love it in here, they can't stop talking about how soft it makes their hair feel but the differential because I only do the ones that panic if I leave them and not the other way around - is really how long it lasts as you have in the Hair Satin my wife's addicted to, so you should add the point about the primer in every product description because people might go straight to that and miss it on the homepage and I was like 'cool, with a name so memorable yeah', and out of the three go with the one you asterisked. With an exclamation point and all. You'll get it more when it's ink on paper editorial-style because all you have to do is hit up a bookstore. Shout out to Rookstool! 

We debuted our Hair Satin II in January 2023 for the misunderstood, but innately get what I'm vibing. And keeping it real really is a 24/7/365 job, but this world will make you think you're crazy, and crazy and weird belong to the curious, aware, the freaks and most of all, The Righteous.