First off, let me tell you something about our elixirs. They're above what everyday Joes call "Heaven Scent" yet they're the most Iconic (often dubbed 'concoctions' by brands that think they get what earned really means but they don't), because when you have something to prove to yourself, that makes our fragrances superior. When you always just knew you had to rant to live, and you can see fake from a mile away, and you can dress them down in a second flat, than our scents are for you. Our top sellers this month of February 2023 have been ACHAEAN (one of the best long lasting perfumes for men), EPITAPHIC (just hands-down good), FLIPPANT (one of the best perfumes for women and we love feedback from the ones that believe in us) and ELOCUTE (ranked a top fragrance by other fragrance brands). And it should be (AND WE KNOW IT) cute to know what you want and cute to buy it. And for the bravest in the land, this one is for you because we got appreciate, stand by me, abide, respect and they made us look under the microscope when we knew envy looks under a microscope and love through a telescope. And you know what? It's stupid to buy from anyone else when I'm always right. And I'm gonna keep doing me, knowing what's DL and what's not, but my innate I don't question and them taking everything I love and making this THE SOUL JAB OF ALL TIME isn't ever gonna be okay with me. But that's why our niche perfumery (and yes, I converted my attic into a perfume lab) is what the ones who won't mix up what I say with what I do just get. The others say 100% transparency, but we know they don't really mean it.

#scentimented x #theantitemplate