When we were all younger, we were scrutinized (by others and ourselves) for everything:

  • what we wore
  • how we carried ourselves
  • what he had planned or didn’t have planned about our lives
  • what we loved
  • who we loved
  • how much we cared about being accepted

And as we grew up, it’s not to say that people stopped being judgmental (ha), but rather we learned to care less. We learned not to give weight to the opinions of others (people we don’t care about) on our fashion choices. We learned not to give credence to the bored gossip others came up with in order to make their own lives feel more interesting or successful.

Over time, as we went from innocent, scared child, to less-innocent, less-scared adult, our lives became less about what others had to say, and more about what we like and how it makes us feel.

It became about how we want to express ourselves, and less about being accepted or fitting the mold someone else made for us. And, in time, the people around us stopped caring too. We’ve found that tends to be the result when you make it clear that you don’t care.

But no one ever talks about how that growth, that purposeful creation of your own reality, can be done in other aspects.

We do this, create our own reality and self, in the way we do our hair. We do this in the pitch of our voice, or the way we walk. We do this in the way we smell. We’re all sitting here with an endless array of creative potentials for our avatars. 

And that’s the idea that birthed luxury niche perfume brand Royal Malady.

The idea that you can create more about yourself, feel more true in your own self-expression, and become more yourself with something as simple as perfume.

Something as simple, and yet as unique, as your signature scent.

This is what you leave people with. This is what strangers imagine when you walk by. This is the story you tell in the morning, and how it changes at night. This is who you are, down to every last detail, down to every last living receptor.

Something as simple as luxury niche perfumery is the pen in your story. We believe scent is a much bigger tool in life than it seems… So we created them accordingly:

We birth the scents of revolution.

We birth the scents of home.

We birth the scents of adventure, trust, heartbreak, artistry, richness, deviance…

We know that our senses make up our life, and our reality, and we will have a say in determining what that looks like. Our wildly inventive fragrances are built to be used up, a main character in your story.

Tell it.