That loaf of bread doesn’t smell like cardamom; it smells like when you were 6 at your grandma’s rickety old house upstate during the Christmas where you had a cold but your grandpa convinced you he was Santa and that’s the year you got the Easy Bake Oven. For gourmand that's classy and then some, our beloved and best cologne ever ADJUNCT is the fix. 

That breeze doesn’t smell like salt; it smells like the summer you went to an island with 3 best college friends and had the time of your (drunk) life, even though you haven’t talked to them in a few years, not counting Instagram story replies. That being said, feel free to follow our Instagram and make any requests of scent combination you'd like to see, and we'll always consider it. 

For the girls who like flower arranging, and obtain joy from making them & displaying them in restaurants our diffuser GILD is perfect for the private dining areas, and is both voluptuous and luxurious. Its creamy tones melt into the air with seamless perfection creating an atmosphere of sheer opulence and splendor. The Moss Roses that anchor our fragrant perfume - that serves as as a women’s perfume & cologne - ENIMATIC is the perfect choice to wear while enjoying the afterparty. Luckily for our customers we source our notes from Italy, where the florals range from Orchids, Roses to Lily of the Valley and that's just for starters. You can visit our Scent List to see the wide variety of blends and layers that compose each of our Signature Fragrances.

For artisanal fragrance addicts like myself, our team and our feedback network, scents drive our existence. We can’t say they matter as much to us humans compared to, say, dogs, who have around 250 million olfactory receptors (we have 6 million). But they’re one of the strongest ways humans connect memories and store vivid information. 

What's cool though is that you can use our Signature FORMAT Shampoo and Conditioner Set for both you, and your dog if he's lucky because it's most definitely in the luxury category, fragranced and with our signature primer and all. 

The information that makes up our life and our surety.

It’s why a photo of a loved one who’s passed might draw tears, but not the same tears that would flow if you smelled their distinct cologne one last time, or the ALUMNAE jacket they used to wear.

Royal Malady is for the ones who like to wear one thing just a little off, and considers fragrance part of the whole wardrobe. It’s what’s on the pillow sheets that your ex keeps after the breakup when he misses you. It's the cologne on his jacket that you borrow. It’s small batch, niche perfumery for the Royals in each of us, the ones who deserve to recollect your most precious memories, making sure your perfume and cologne catalog is stored forever on our Scent List, and have a hand in creating your very own quartet today. 

All of our signature perfumes, unisex fragrances, and signature scents for men are born from memories, inspired by experiences, and in turn, we hope our users connect new memories to it themselves. In that way, we drive forward a new reality - one where we’re all connected in unseen but understood ways.

We create fine fragrance collections, fragranced hair products and luxury scented beauty products because our luxury scents inspire memories, histories, and legacies. No matter how hyper-niche. Make yours and smell the flowers in a totally different, super-dimensional way. You can customize our Hand Sendal, whether at the sink or in the shower, or our Body Sendal delivers a delightfully aromatic experience and wonderfully thorough cleanse. On top of that, our Hair Satin is something you can make yours as well. It's currently heavier than the others, yet still something you can consider a multi-way use that's definitely silky and enriched with camelia oil for hair that feels soft, glossy, smooth and mirror-like. It's that good. What's cool is they all instantly soothe and scent the hands and/or body without leaving a greasy film.